The Any Ole Where Chair can be decorated in several ways. Choose your design!

(Move your cursor over a design below to view a detailed version. )

Blank Chair Design
Flowers Chair Design
Moon and Stars Chair Hearts Chair

Blank Chair

Flowers Chair

Moon and Stars Chair

Hearts Chair

Guitar Chair
Fishing Chair Design
Celtic Knot Chair Design
Boys Bugs Chair

Guitar Chair

Fishing Chair

Celtic Knot Chair

Boys Bugs Chair

Princess Girl Chair      

Princess Girl Chair




All adult size chairs are $129.00 and all children's size chairs are $109.00 Please call or email us for shipping charges to you.
Any Ole Where Chair Specifications: These sturdy wood chairs are made of solid Southern Yellow Pine, a beautiful wood with distinctive grain. Chairs are shipped unfinished either blank or engraved with standard designs as shown in the brochure. Other designs are being developed and will be shown on the website as they become available.

A free acrylic paint set and disposable brush are sent with each engraved chair so customers can color their designs as desired. A final spray coating of polyurethane is recommended to seal the wood without disturbing the colors (spray cans are available at most hardware stores). Blank chairs should also be sealed.

Chairs should not be left outdoors, or in continually wet conditions, or in direct sunlight, or other adverse conditions when not in use.

Adult size chairs comprise two pieces that are 40" long and both pieces combined weigh about 22 pounds. The capacity of the adult chair is 250 pounds. Child size chairs have two pieces 30" long and both pieces combined weigh about 11 pounds. The child chair capacity is 150 pounds.

How to order: Chairs may be ordered by contacting Precision Pine (see below). Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card, or check. Chairs are usually shipped within two weeks from receiving an order.

For a free color brochure: click here or contact Precision Pine by calling toll free 877-885-8902